In the Community

Humanitas Services has been working within the community since 1992, here are some examples of the community work provided:

  • Provide necessary medical equipment for low income patients.
  • Medical Personal provided to the Regatta Association for the Regatta since 1998.
  • Support local college of GP’s by providing medical staff as examiners.
  • Community talks:- Rotary, Lions
  • Education of other Medical Professionals in areas of Drug & Alcohol Dependence.
  • Community Fundraising BBQ’s -Bunnings & Woolworths
  • Art Exhibition
  • Fundraising Events
  • Provide no interest loans to team members or patients for necessary purchases.
  • Humanitas Services Team repaired patient cars.
  • Provide extraordinary help for the patients and their families.
  • Provide assistance to a single amputee patient who moved interstate, assisting in the clean-up of the property.
  • Provide the dying wish of a patient in a nursing home to see a horse as their last wish.  The horse was bought into the gardens of the home.