Physiology of the Soul

Emotions have long been a mystery that philosophers and thinkers throughout time have tried to make sense of, and we are no different.

More recently there have been a number of significant advances in our understanding of the basic neurophysiology of emotions.

Our work builds on this and adds a new dimension to the research that allows an individual to take control of their emotions.

This work is the culmination of 22 years of research and development based on tens of thousands of patient interviews.

This work began shortly after my graduation in medicine in 1992, when I started independent clinical practice and was confronted by a series of individuals, seeking scripts for drugs of dependence.

The medical knowledge at that time left me ill-equipped to effectively help this patient group.  Hence the drive to find solutions. The solution started to appear as I was taking detailed histories from my patients earliest memories to the current day.

After a short time patterns began to emerge and it became obvious to me that certain emotional themes were developing. Slowly these themes came together and culminated into the first emotional model.

This was the beginning of the “Physiology of the Soul”.

Since that time the model has evolved through 3 major shifts settling into its current form.