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Humanitas Trust’s mission statement is:

Helping people to help themselves….thus changing our community for the future.   Humanitas Trust is a Tasmanian based not for profit charitable institution providing affordable complex case medical care to the Tasmanian community.  It is at the forefront of research into novel and innovative ways to tackle the complex problems associated with drug dependence.
Humanitas Trust was formed in 1992 with the aim to:
1.  Provide services to assist disadvantaged people with their complex medical problems.
2.  Support that group of individuals who find themselves with the desire to reclaim their lives but lack the resources or direction to achieve it.
The programs that have been developed have been structured in such a way as to limit dependence on direct government funding to ensure their integrity, success, independence and ability to continue beyond the current political cycle as this project has a long-term aim to deeply entrench change within the Australian community.
Humanitas Trust currently has programs that:
1. Provide long-term counselling, medical services and access to medicated/non-medicated maintenance programs for people suffering from drug dependence.
2. Provide long consultation services for complex case medicine.
3. Provide innovative research helping to devise novel psychological approaches to complex problems associated with drug dependence.
4. Currently developing technology suitable to be used in remote dosing of drug dependant patients.
There are five divisions of Humanitas Trust:
1. General Practice Division- Mt Nelson Medical Centre
2. Research and Development Division-  Research in conjunction with UTAS for remote dosing of medication throughout Australia.
3. Marketing, Fundraising & Volunteers Division
4. Administration Division –
5. Wellness Centre Division – Healing and Wellness Centre- this is with the aim to build an entire healing centre for patients and the community to be able to acquire treatment and education that is needed.

Donations Desperately Needed


of your donations

to continue

ongoing medical treatment and research.


We are asking you all to donate at least $2 per week directly through your bank account. Donations of$2 and over are tax deductible.

Please make your deposits to the Commonwealth Bank to the Australian Centre for Health and Innovation

BSB: 06 7000

Account: 1078 7131


Become a Volunteer

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Why volunteer?

Approximatexly one in four people Australians volunteer regularly. These people choose to work of their own free will without any payment to benefit other members within the community who are in need of some assistance at this present time.

Volunteering allows us to make more of a difference to people in need while also receiving benefits in return to you as the volunteer.

So why not contact us today and volunteer a little of your time to make a big difference to others.

What does volunteering do for you?

By helping Humanitas Trust as a volunteer you benefit in many ways too: Contribulting to the community will bring a sense of satisfaction to both you and the people we are helping.

Develop personal skills

Meet new friends

Gain work experience, we may then be able to assist you with a reference which will then help with any job applications you may have in the future.

Have lots of fun.

What does volunteering do for Humanitas Trust?

Increases public awareness of Humanitas Trust its services and needs.

Benefit from your knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and motivation.

Help within the community that may be impossible or impractical for paid staff to do.

Allows Humanitas Trust to be more effective in the work they are doing, by allowing them to concentrate on the medical work required for their patients.

Ensures a cost effective service, making the best use of funds available.

What types of areas can I volunteer in?

Activity support; transport; Administration; Humanitas Services; Maintenance/Grounds; Fundraising/Marketing; Event Planning; Sponorship; Cleaning; Research & Develpoment; working at BBQ’s etc.

There are many ways that you can help, just let us know what you are interested in and we are happy to work together with you. Your assistance is truly appreciated.

Contact Details

Humanitas Trust (03) 6224 8810 press 4 or

Ange Rule: 0434 418 934