It’s been about 18 months since I ceased methadone treatment and I thought it was about time I wrote to you. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic I want to thank you for saving my life. …[names]…….. are still in awe of your addiction counselling. Your genuine interest and respect for us as valuable human beings will always be remembered…. the behavioural theories and general ‘life skills’ we learned in your sessions still help us today. Learning to accept responsibility for our own ‘stuff’ but not take on other people’s, is possibly the most important lesson either of us will ever learn.I went back to uni last year to complete an accredited major in Psychology. There’s a good line in the movie Fight Club; “It’s only when we’ve lost everything that we’re free to galn anything”. I think that kind of relates in this situation.

(names withheld to protect identity)

Since I have become aware of the work done by the HumanitasTrust I have referred several patients to their care. As far as I know this is a unique facility in Tasmania and possibly Australia.  In that it offers care to patients with very difficult to treat chronic emotional and psychiatric problems and drug abuse. Patients can go frequently for hour long consultations, usually weekly at no charge to them, as any charge above the bulk-billed medicare rebate is purely voluntary. This allows a slow process of heal with genuine understanding, to take place over months and years, which would be otherwise unavailable to many patients because there is no financial cost to them, (when they are at their lowest ebb), and the counselling provided is caring, non-judgmental arid effective.

(Dr’s name witheld to to protect identity)

Clive has been a colleague of mine….. he has always had a special interest in counselling difficult patients, ­that is patients with addictions, manipulative patients, survivors of abuse, suicidal/depressed patients, and neurotic patients. Clive sees many patients that as doctors, I’ll admit, we’d rather not see…..[Clive has] assisted [patients] in overcoming serious drug and alcohol problems, and patients with depression who claim they would be: dead if it wasn’t for Clive.

(Dr’s name withheld for privacy, also parts of this letter removed for non-identification of individuals.)

…[name]… died a free and beautiful Spirit after enduring a lifetime of repression and unsolvable conflict. The last year of his life was the best… he finally found out who he was and with your guidance and gift was able to let go of the shackles of the past. Our contact and sessions with you at Mt Nelson changed my Life and enabled me to carry on after his death. My journey in this world has been made easier and makes far more sense to me than it did B.C. (before Clive!). You are a gifted wholistic Healer Clive and the people of Tasmania are fortunate to have you in the midst.

(names withheld to protect identity)

I became a heroin addict in 1973. I also used other narcotics eg. opium, morphine, etc. I became involved with Dr Stack with the Methadone Program. I have been able to stop using other drugs….. I no longer commit crimes or do anything illegal….my life has changed for the better and I thank Dr Stack for that.

(name withheld to protect identity)

I’m 21 years of age…approximately 3 years ago I was employed as an apprentice landscaper ..[when]..my problem began….our supervisor told us he was a user and how good certain substances were. He kept trying to push them on us because he was the odd one out, but none of us was interested at the time. A few weeks later we all ended up trying “speed” together with him. At the time it appeared to be the best decision we all ever made. It was only 3 months later and we were all Narcotic (Morphine) addicts who wouldn’t even get out of bed without a taste… we were forced to steal to support our habits…about $250-$350 per day…. this went on for another 2 years til I had my daughter…. It wasn’t until then I cared enough about my life to face up and change….. eventually I found Dr Clive Stack…. this was the first real chance I had to change, together with Dr Clive’s Counselling (which is unbelievably very powerful and understanding) I had a tool which I could use. Today I’ve been on the program for 5 months and haven’t used a Narcotic substance for 4 months. The quality of life I have is exceptional and I believe I’m rehabilitated enough to be and stay employed. One of my old mates is dead, two in jail and the others might as well be.

…This is why I’m writing this letter as only people in a similar position can see the impact that Clive has had (and continues to) not only on us, but the whole community. Dr Clive continues to do this with the help of Humanitas which I hope continues as words could never express how thankful I am (and others) and everybody throughout the community would be if they could see what is silently going on! So thank you Humanitas you could never begin to imagine the difference you are making.

(name withheld to protect identity)

Our son…[name]… was attending Mt Nelson Medical Centre for over two years receiving counselling and complementary services. The benefits to …[name]…well being since he first consulted Dr Clive Stack are obvious to us as parents. He has come a long way and is now working and more self assured.

We commend Dr Stack and staff of the Centre for the dedicated, caring and beneficial services and support they have provided for ..[name]… and us as his parents.

We are not aware of any other services that provides the unique qualities of the Centre – an environment that is accessible and positive, affordable, supportive and with ‘time to listen’ – important elements that have assisted us all.

We strongly believe the centre fulfils an important role within the community and have experienced first hand the benefits the Centre provides.

(names withheld to protect identity)

As a health worker, and a patient of Dr Stack, I believe the importance of the work Dr Stack does is demonstrated in his success in improving the quality of life of his patient’s and the saving of his patient’s lives through highly effective counselling techniques which should be used as an example to other health professionals who hold the responsibility of the guidance of peoples lives within their grasp.

I hold Dr Stack and his techniques with the highest regard and sincerely hope his work can continue to be readily available to those who need him most.

(name withheld to protect identity)

My family has cause to be extremely grateful to Humanitas Services and to Dr. Clive Stack who runs it. My son has been extremely ill with drug addiction and grief through the loss of a close friend.

After trying many avenues to help him from the most conventional to the most unconventional we fortunately found this facility. Through this my son IS slowly recovering and has obtained his science degree and is going to do honours this year.

He is still taking methadone and drugs to control epilepsy as well as vitamin and mineral supplements but has obtained and carried out a full time job during the university holidays and is enthusiastic about his work and hopeful about his life and progress.

As parents we have been greatly helped to provide a home for him and manage his behaviour effectively, with professional backup where needed….We feel it is the completeness of the arrangements that help to minimise trauma and maximise safety and healing. We have learnt to understand the chronicity of the problem, the likelihood of relapse and the best management strategies. Also the strong likelihood of eventual recovery keeps us working at keeping hopeful and loving, while having clear, agreed and sensible rules and having the support to carry them through.

The whole setup depends very much on the people working there as well as the system and for us it has been a very supportive, caring, effective and helpful arrangement. Our finances were at a very low ebb due to the devastating effects on our family of our son’s behaviour, so the cost free treatment was a real blessing. over the 16 months we have been attending things have improved greatly to the point where we have all been able to make donations to the centre, including my son!

(names withheld to protect identity)

I am writing this letter to thank you for helping me to regain my sanity, health and happiness.

As YOU know because of the use of banned chemicals resulting in acquired brain injury and many physical injuries.

I lost my ability· to work, my family, my house and all my possessions. Eventually coming to the stage of attempting to take my own life.

After consultations with other doctors (23 in all) I eventually met you [Dr Clive Stack] and through your dedication, persistence and

knowledge my life is know back on track.

I know own my own home and although not wealthy in material possessions, thanks to you I consider myself to be a rich man, I am now happily married to my lovely wife. and l have regained the love and respect of my children and grandchildren.

In closing I would also like to extend my gratitude to your staff who are always so friendly and helpful going out of their way to make my life happier and less complicated.

(names withheld to protect identity)

What has made the Humanitas environment unique in my experience with the medical sector has been its ground breaking, holistic approach to well being by treating the individual not just as a combination of symptoms to be dealt with topically by issuing a prescription, but as a whole, as a unique balance between physiopathological elements and the person’s sense of oneself and his or her place in the bigger picture.

I have also been particularly impressed by the utter dedication shown by the staff to create an environment where everybody feels at ease and welcome and where people are always made to feel special. The efficiency of a well run medical surgery has always gone hand in hand with an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth, not to mention the staff’s selfless cooperation.

Humanitas is truly unique in helping people identify the resources within themselves and, through this process, in allowing them to move ahead, to feel empowered, to have choices and therefore the ability to control their life. It is certainly a worthwhile initiative, the likes of which are, unfortunately, too rare nowadays.

(Dr’s name withheld to protect identity)

……When I first came I found it hard to face or even to allow myself to have issues. Coming from an era where you just took what life dished up and got on with it. That’s basically what I had done…..

In you I found a kind and empathic listener, a sincere man in whom I felt safe and comfortable sharing my deep and long held pain.

I guess most of all you were a teacher, who taught me principles that were the tools I was able to use to change my thought patterns, (a work in progress) and gave me understanding and insights into other ways of thinking about my issues. I guess one of the important things was to not be the victim. I was taking personally the issues and pain and letting them affect me when in reality they were others’ issues and that’s not something I can change.

Another major change for me is to not feel responsible for everyone and be the rescuer. It has been hard but I have been able to stand back and let others take consequences and in other cases let others step forward when help is needed.

 I am able to put myself first sometimes and speak the words I really feel and even though it has had some unwanted consequences which were very difficult for me.

After a life of giving I am now able to get more of a balance .This has been possible because of the concepts you have taught me which I have tried to implement…..

Thanks to Humanitas Services for making this counselling available

(name withheld to protect identity)

The fact that the Humanitas Services has enabled me through bulk billing to have access to such high quality counselling, that I would have otherwise be unable to afford is something that I am also thankful for. The wonderful staff were always kind and helpful and made it a pleasant place to come. The skills I learnt and the knowledge that I have gained has helped me in all areas of my life and encouraged me to recently complete my Bachelor of Arts degree with the hope of going on and doing a counselling course that I may be able to better pass on this knowledge to others who are struggling with similar issues to that of my son.

Thankyou again for this wonderful service that helps so many.

(name withheld to protect identity)

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