Success Stories

imagesCAPDYN1Y-utas A number of individuals have been assisted to get to University and some that have now finished their courses and are  successfully working in the community.
law chambers picture Lawyers returned to active duty saving vast amounts of knowledge and skill from being lost to dependence.
prison pictures Some individuals have taken their knowledge to help others out of their difficult situations.
 university pictures A number of individuals have completed courses and some have finished and are now working in the community.  They are advancing the knowledge in their area of study, and others are teaching in their area of study.Male 24 y/o- 3 years as a speed abuser suffering depression, came to us after a failed hanging attempt.  4 years in treatment has now finished University having completed a Psychology Degress and is successfully employed in this field.Lady 43 y/o- 17 years of heroin then morphine and later speed use.  In the program for 4 years, supported through University, she finished her doctorate and is now employed.Lady 33 y/o 7 years of opiate abuse, was in the program for 4 years is in the middle of a University Masters Degree.
 person pictures 44 year old poly drug dependent lady in treatment for 4 years is now in control of her life and is working successfully in social services, improving the lives of others.
 security job pictures 25 year old Opiate user of 4 years, who was in the program for 3 years is now stable and sought after as very good at their job.  An ex-thief now using their skills to very successfully stop crime.
 televison stations picture 31 year old male, abused from age 3, his father died when he was 6 years old.  He left home when he was 13 and used heroin and other drugs from then.  He was in the program for 5 years, he went from a poly drug dependent emotional ‘mess’ to emotionally stable and working for a large television network contributing his energy and vitality to the job.
 successful business picture Some individuals have set up their own successful businesses, having diverted their efforts from supporting their habits to providing to the community.
 teachers picture Some individuals are now trained teachers having been supported through there training.  Teaching a new generation of children with a knowledge that can only come from being there and coming out again.Lady 35 year old Opiate, speed, benzodiazepine dependent for 10 years and in program for 5 years finished education degree and is now living and working well.
Lady 32 year old in program for 4 years- Schizophrenia, heroin user for 16 years, then morphine in Tasmania.  Father lawyer in program for 4 years now.  She is in University and is stable and getting good marks.
english Lady 47 year old using opiates 24 years in program has now finished course in teaching English and heading off at the end of the year to Indonesia to teach ESL.
parliment house tasmania Recovered individuals helping to move our state forward with there new wisdom.
accounting picture One young lady went from abused drug dependent to topping her year in accountancy and winning multiple scholorships and prizes for her work along the way.