Our Symbol


Our Symbol/Emblem is a multi-level 3-dimensional triangular pyramid.  The multi-level triangular pyramid represents the mountain we climb/ascend to achieve our emotional freedom, represented by the Dove taking flight.  The base of each of the three sides of the pyramid are divided into their own three triangles.  The base triangles on each side consist of three primary colours, these  colours represent the body (red), mind (blue) and soul (yellow).

The second level of the triangle is a combination of the primary colours from the base  to form the secondary colours.  This movement represents the coming together of the principles in the process of change.  Hence the coming together of the body and mind (purple), the body and soul (orange), and mind and soul (green).

The evolving geometric shapes from the triangles at the base to that of the Dove taking flight at the apex depicts the emotional evolution of the individual.  This evolution is from a bound non-integrated self to a free integrated self.  The colour white represents all the aspects (body, mind and soul) coming together into a coherent form.  The white dove represents the flight into a life of freedom, one that is no longer constrained by the emotional restrictions we create in ourselves.

Hence this symbol represents the journey of helping people to help themselves .